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We would like to thank the many visitors and business alliances developed over the years with companies and associates through the use of our portal.

The Domain omdcnet.com is For Sale

The domain is owned by Global Culture, L.L.C., a global business services and media company.

Companies or individuals interested in acquiring the domain name omdcnet.com can e-mail their offer to the following address:

domains [AT] globalculturellc.com

There is a minimum bid of $1,000.00USD.  In order to receive a reply and acquire the domain name, your offer must be at least $1,000.00USD.  For additional financial consideration, we are open to selling the entire portal, including source code.  If you are interested in also acquiring the portal and its contents, please indicate this in your offer.

If your offer is accepted, we will contact you to arrange payment and transfer of the domain.  Please include your complete contact information with your offer, including full name and telephone number.

Global Culture, L.L.C., owns a number of domains and websites focused on world trade, global cultures and international business.  Other domain names for sale include:








Notice of Ceasing Operations

After many years providing global trade information and services to the international business community, we are no longer supporting the OMDCnet(R) Global Trade Portal and are removing the website from the Internet.